Missfresh Provides Express Delivery and Smart Vending Machines For Beijing Winter Olympics' Support Staff

BEIJING, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Missfresh Limited ("Missfresh" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: MF), a pioneer in China's neighborhood retail industry, is excited to provide express food delivery and Convenience Go smart vending machines for support staff stationed in Taizicheng Snow Town, Zhangjiakou, the main zone of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in Hebei Province.

Missfresh launched these services in Taizicheng after more than three months of preparatory work by over 100 staff members, Jiahong Ji, the head of Missfresh's "Taizicheng Special Retail Services" team, shared.

Leveraging on the capabilities of its Retail Cloud system, Missfresh developed a new mini online shopping platform with around-the-clock express delivery service in order to meet the everyday fresh food needs of volunteers, logistics and support staff, and security personnel across the entire Winter Olympics support area in Taizicheng Snow Town.

The Convenience Go smart vending machines are installed in 109 key locations across the Winter Olympics support area, including Guobin Mountain Villa, the InterContinental Chongli Hotel, and the Medal Plaza. These smart vending machines simply require customers to scan a QR code or use facial recognition to collect their purchase and automatically complete payment. Contactless shopping and payment are essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic as they represent a safer and more convenient retail model that also allows for social distancing.

During the Games, Missfresh offers support staff a wide variety of more than 350 SKUs such as snacks, dairy products, baked goods, fresh fruit, cooked meals, and more. In addition, in order to meet consumer demand during the Spring Festival, Valentine's Day, and other holidays coinciding with the Winter Olympics, Missfresh has increased the supply of festive gifts available through its online shopping platform to include specialty themed food items, as well as chocolates and flowers.

With the Winter Olympics commencing last week, it is worth noting that of the 51 gold medals to be awarded in the Zhangjiakou zone of the Games, 49 of them will be given out at venues in Taizicheng Snow Town – which means that the majority of the Olympics' support staff will be based in Taizicheng. Missfresh is committed to making sure that all support staff have easy access to retail services in Hebei's cold weather and icy conditions.

About Missfresh Limited

Missfresh Limited is an innovator and leader in China's neighborhood retail industry. The Company invented the Distributed Mini Warehouse (DMW) model to operate an integrated online-and-offline on-demand retail business focusing on offering fresh produce and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Through the "Missfresh" mobile application and Mini Program embedded in third-party social platforms, consumers can easily purchase quality groceries at their fingertips and have the finest products delivered to their doorstep in 36 minutes, on average.

Leveraging its core capabilities, Missfresh launched an intelligent fresh market business in the second half of 2020. This innovative business model is dedicated to standardizing and transforming fresh markets into smart fresh malls. Missfresh has also built up a full stack of proprietary technologies that empower a wide range of participants in the neighborhood retail business, such as supermarkets, fresh markets and local retailers, to jumpstart and efficiently operate their businesses digitally.

For more information, please visit: http://ir.Missfresh.cn.

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